Hello, I'm Tomer

A programmer & engineer who's super interested in apps, code, IoT/hardware, 3D modeling, and most things tech related.


Programming Languages:
Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Python, C++, Bash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby (on Rails), SQL

Xcode, Android Studio, Alexa Skills, Chrome Extensions, MQTT, JSON, XML, Git, Redis, OAuth, SolidWorks, 3D printing, Embedded Development, Photoshop, Linux, Mac, Docker, Jenkins, Jira, GitHub, Bitbucket, AWS, HTTPS/TLS, SSH, BLE


Here are some of the things I have done in my spare time.


I'm not currently looking for other job opportunities, but if you are interested you can find my Résumé here.


If you are looking to request a feature or report a bug for one of my projects, please post in the GitHub issues page of the project directly. If you are a recruiter etc, please do not contact me, I am not currently interested. Otherwise, the best way to contact me is through email at tomerjshemesh@gmail.com.