Hi, I'm Tomer, a software engineer and systems architect.

Check out projects that I have worked on in my spare time
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Here are some of the things I have done in my spare time.

Outdoor Nation

After seeing my Philly Activity Poster I was hired to make the official Outdoor Nation app to allow students to register and post in the ON Campus Challenge as well as view profiles and leaderboards. Available on iOS and Android.

Minecraft Server Widget

This app is a nifty iPhone widget that can show you who is playing on a Minecraft server in real time. It's open source and is available on iOS.

Philly Activity Poster

An independent app for Drexel students to participate in the ON Campus Challenge and upload photos straight from their phone (there was only a website at that time), as well as see the leaderboards of the competition. Available on Android.


I'm alse pretty active in the open source community. Check out my Github page to see what i'm currently working on!

Alexa Smart TV

After being shocked that I couldn't control my smart tv with my voice i developed a cool open source project that runs on a rasberry pi along with an alexa skill that allows your tv to communicate with your alexa. According to Alexa analytics it has on average 45 daily active users.

Drexel GPA Calculator

The first mobile app I ever made. While it may not look pretty it hold a special place in my heart. This app allows to to calculate and predict your gpa. Available on Android.


This app uses Bluetooth LE to control your Mr.Chunker. It allows you to set specific settings, predict bait use, and directly control the machine. Available on iOS and Android.

About Me

My name is Tomer, i'm a Drexel University graduate with a BS in Computer Science and minor in business administration. I currently work for Lutron Electronics as a mobile software developer for smart home and IoT products. I love to program and have tons of experience in a lot of areas of technology. I also do lots of other activities like hiking, playing board games, 3d printing and flag football! If you're looking for someone to build you an app/server shoot me an email! Also check out my Résumé.


The best way to contact me is through email at tomerjshemesh@gmail.com